Driver App

  • Gunjan Cab India Mobile App has in-built features of real-time routing, proper scheduling and live tracking of vehicles and is complemented with data analytics which helps to improve your journey.
  • It helps you to get auto generated duty slip.
  • Create, Manage and Deploy from one tool.
  • Access via web browser.
  • Direct Connecting with Users.
  • One-Click Publish to create an app.
  • Auto Generated Invoice with Google Map.


Fortnightly the Drivers are briefed on the following points:

  • Defensive Driving.
  • Hygiene of Vehicle and Driver.
  • Vehicle Documentation.
  • Behaviour Management.
  • Do’s and Don’ts during duty hours.
  • Ensuring Vehicle Accessories.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Focus on Speed limits, Seat Belt and Emergency handling.

Quality Audit and Compliance

  • Fortnight check list on the basics.
  • Statutory Documents live – 100% Complied.
  • Required accessories.
  • Functioning of Vehicle.
  • Cleanlines of Vehicle and Driver.
  • Surprise checks.
  • Breathalyzer test.
  • Medical Test is mandatory for all Drivers.

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